All In Taste is the brain child of husband and wife time Chris & Nella Foulds and was formed in 2017.

Chris has over 18years experience working for some of the worlds largest and most prestigious technology companies in history (Mclaren, Qualcomm, Motorola, Skype & Microsoft) along with 5 years experience of running his own mobile application consultancy company that has seen products he help create be downloaded in excess of 1m times. Some of have been featured apps on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon stores and have ranked in the top 50 apps overall in 7 countries with reviews in leading printed publications.

Nella has over 20 years experience of the corporate gift industry working with some of the worlds leading brands and is currently a Nutritionist is training with the world renowned evidence based  Mac Nutrition Uni.

During her own lean transformation, she decided to start blogging and publishing her healthy recipes creations that she reated along the way. The response was staggering and in the first year alone, her website saw these recipes viewed over 900k times all without any paid

It was at this point we realised we could combine our skill as we both knew that a mobile app would take the recipes from the website into an app to take it to the next level, creating a unique, fully interactive cookbook experience, which has become ‘The Lean Cook’ app which showcases our recipe app platform.

During our fitness journey Chris has got into running but after running a race which had pacers discovered there was no app to recreate a pacer virtually to help pace both races and training sessions, so ‘Pace To Race’ was born, a fully fledged running app with a virtual pacer at its very core.

However this is just the start of our plans, having identified numerous gaps in the existing apps & services market for people following the lean revolution that we noticed along our transformations and we believe we can fully address this market.

If you have any questions please get in touch.